Clarity above all

Explanation of how I work

I mainly do this for fun and in general I don’t request a compensation.

If you don’t want to meet at home (which is logical), you will have costs related to a hotel room or SM space. If you want me to arrange or suggest one, please indicate this in advance.

For a regular session, no compensation is requested. If a requested session needs special supplies, is extra long, or far away, we’ll discuss a compensation.

To figure our what applies to your session, it’s easiest to just ask in your request.

Who can apply?

I get a lot of requests and I only plan a very limited number of sessions.

For me, a good physical and mental click with you is very important.

I only meet with women or couples (of which at least one is female).

And of course you need to be an adult. There is no maximum age, as long as that click is there.

The possibilities

I believe in clarity. I’ve made a list of a number of common session types I offer and their recommended duration.

  • Kinky Exploration (About 2 hours)
  • Regular BDSM Session (About 2 hours)
  • Roleplay (About 90 minutes)
  • Rope bunny (About 90 minutes)
  • Fantasy rape (About 60 minutes)
  • Kajira (About 2 hours per session)

Payment methods

All compensations are finalized before the session starts. I accept these payment methods:

  • Cash. Payments in cash (in Euros or Dollars) are accepted. I do want to ask you to present the correct amount in an open envelope at the start of our session.

  • Bitcoin / Ethereum / Ripple. Are you very modern? Of course you can also pay with the most common crypto currencies.