Safety, rules and limits

Safety is important


Safety is of utmost importance during these meetings. Especially within BDSM, safety and trust are very highly regarded. Trust is not something you can buy. Trust must be built. Each encounter there will be more trust between us. You can read more about the experiences of others that have met up with me.

At each date you are the one that determines how much trust has been built, and where you want to go. This shapes the rules and limits we use during our encounters. There will always be a safeword and a safesign in place.

A safeword is a single word, that you use when you cannot or don’t want to continue. When you use the safeword, all activities stop immediately and the meeting ends. I’ll always acknowledge the use of the safeword and act accordingly. Even if you indicated beforehand that you could handle something.

A safesign is a certain sign, as a last resort, in case you are not able to speak. You might have been gagged. When giving the safesign the same applies as with the safeword.

We can only be safe when the right knowledge is available. The right knowledge about using bondage rope and BDSM tools. I’ve got ample experience in applying those techniques. But not just knowledge is key here. Safety stems from clear and explicit rules and limits. I’ll dive into those below.


The following rules always apply:

  • “No” is not always “No”. Before we start a session, we have clear agreement on what you are looking for. As a consequence you might want to have the feeling that you are forced to do something. In case you experience it as realistic, you might scream “No” during such a session as part of your play. As “No” becomes ambiguous in such scenarios, the only real “No” is the safeword we agree upon.
  • Limits are limits. They are agreed upon for a reason. And they will not be crossed during our game.
  • Whenever bondage rope is used, safety scissors are nearby as well.

Other relevant rules for a session are agreed upon per meeting.


Independent of your wishes, there are a number of hard limits that I will never cross. In addition there will be limits that we will determine together that will apply to our session(s).

A list of my hard limits that will not be crossed, and might be obvious:

  • Activities with permanent bodily harm as a consequence.
  • Activities not abiding by the law.
  • Activities with animals.
  • Activities with feces.

Next to these hard limits, we will agree upon your personal limits for each meeting.