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COVID-19 didn't make it easier to cope with my budding submissive side. Luckily the Master agreed to have a luxurious diner at my hove with a private chef and still enough privacy. And now a session is planned...

Sabientje: (9.5 / 10)

I've wanted to explore my naughty side for years. Very exciting for me. But finally I decided to go for it and met up at a grand cafe in my neighboorhoud. Was positively surprised when he introduced himself! You don't really know what to expect. A very nice conversation and after a nice meal, I knew for sure we would meet again. It removed by barriers entirely. [sic]

Eva: (9 / 10)

Kinky Exploration

I've wanted to be more kinky in bed for years. I'm full of fantasies but my boyfriend does not understand. He didn't like it and wanted me to act normal. When the relation ended, I decided I want to actually experience it. But I didn't want to enter a new relationship without understanding what I really want. The Master has shown me a great time and taught me a lot of kinky stuff. Very open and pleasant. Will be continued! [sic]

Val: (8.5 / 10)

You often hear you should leave your fantasies as fantasies, but I was curious if my naughty submissive side should be heared. What started as an afternoon full of nerves, which did not fully disappear after our first glass of wine, continued on as a pleasant evening. I felt comfortable. And I could enjoy something I had been dreaming about for quite some time. Thanks sir, for this experience. [sic]

N.: (9.5 / 10)

A safe experience with a Master to explore BDSM and to get to know myself better, is what I was looking for and found. The Master was a patient Dom who listened well to my hints on my limits and who could handle my nervousness and inexperience. I have learned a lot during this exploration like that I'm absolutely not ready with playing in this world and still have a lot to learn and experience. [sic]

Irene: (8.5 / 10)

Regular BDSM Session

Every time is soooo nice. I can't imagine a better Dom than this Master. He is a very sexy man, listens well, and he made me feel very safe when I started. Now, after a few sessions, every time is still special. He's my recommendation if you are a bit younger, like me, and are looking for an experienced someone to start with.

S.: (10 / 10)

Thanks Master.. My friend was right when she told me you would really enhance my business trip to Amsterdam. Great location and a great vibe. Cutest Dom ever! :P

Mystery Sub: (9.5 / 10)

Hearing about it is 1, doing is better. That has become very clear to me. Every time is better than I expect in advance. I feel free to let go of my business side when I'm with this Master. In the end he decides what happens and I can just enjoy! [sic]

Eva: (10 / 10)

thank you Master for a very pleasant session in my home. from the moment you entered you already controlled me and I felt both submissive and safe. I could fully let myself go [sic]

Sub A.: (8 / 10)

OK! In a word amazing!! :) have to shower at home after fitness next week, others I'l have to explain some requested bruises :P [sic]

Blonde Slavin: (8.5 / 10)

Contacted Master for dealing with a trauma. It felt very professional, safe, respectful and well listened to the aspects I run into in my daily life. Had very pleasant sessions, a real recommendation [sic]

Anoniem: (9.5 / 10)

Chaperone to kinky event

Enviously watched those events on FL. But I won't go there alone. I've got enough connections on FL, but I wanted a more professional feel. Via friends I found this Master. As promised, I went. Before the event I was only waering little clothing.. bought a super kinky outfit. of course I was wearing my collar, leash attached, and given to my temporary master. Very good night. Was delightful, Thanks Master! we'll do that more often [sic]

J.: (8.5 / 10)

My trip to Rotterdam was so much fun. I have lots of sub gigs in Japan, but wanted to experience the dutch scene while I was here. Master was the guide I chose. Was a great experience. I had a great session which landed me perfectly into sub space, and in the end we went to a small scale slave event where I had a great time. Thx Master, want to repeat when I'm back over here.

Aiko: (10 / 10)

Rope bunny

Really wanted to surprise my husband with a kinky photo. met up with Master V to have him use me for his rope skills and make pictures for me. very happy with the result, as is my husband [sic]

Anoniem: (8 / 10)

Specific role plays / scenarios / scenes

always has been one of my fantasies to be forced in my hotel room. but then in a realistic and safe way. Master was very pleasant to deal with. he's clearly been doing this for a while. really wow! I really understand my fantasy. overwhelmingly blissful. [sic]

Laura: (10 / 10)

i had worn my short tight outfit on purpose and put 2 pony tails in my hair hihi.. the doorbell rang and I was immediately nervous.. I knew what I had done wrong.. slowly I opened the door and there he was.. the handsome dad I was babysitting for.. he walked in en you could see his anger.. I can still remember.. my ass was red and burning for hours after.. but.. I still crage his touch.. [sic]

StouteSitter: (10 / 10)

I've wanted to try this for quite a long time already and without regrets.. I had a super interesting and pleasant experience, really enjoyed myself for the first time actually. Thanks. :D [sic]

D: (10 / 10)


The modern way for me! Even when I'm busy with word, the kids, sports, etc. reading the messages with healthy tension whenever I hear them arrive. gave them a different ringtone, as I get punished if I don't respond within 10 minutes.. It's the perfect combination of mixing my submissive feelings and being single. #heaven [sic]

Onderdanige A.: (9 / 10)

A small window in my life with Master. I love this so much: 'Yes Master' and I walk to the bathroom with a pen. I write his message on my body and take a picture. again, it has to be perfect.. I finally send him the third picture and await His response. [sic]

SubLife: (9.5 / 10)

Live-in Day / Live-in Weekend

Owning your own villa in Spain is fun, but spending a long weekend there as a worthless slave girl under your strong and harsh guidance was an even better experience. I should have already invited you a long time ago. It was a memorable weekend, Master

Spoiled-and-rich: (9 / 10)

I've met with Master before, but never in this way. A whole weekend! It was wonderful Master. I'll dream about this for a long time. [sic]

Dom-nodig: (10 / 10)

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