Slave girl on Gor

Kajira meaning

A Kajira is a female slave within the lifestyle of the planet Gor. In the language of Gor, the term “la kajira” even means “I am a slave girl”. De stories about Gor have been written by John Norman. In many eyes, a kajira is the perfect form of submission that can be imagined.

Kajira, Kajirae, Kajirus and Kajiri

Kajira is the most used term, which is the feminine noun. Most slaves within the Gorean lifestyle are women. Multiple female slaves are called Kajirae.

Although there are a lot less, there are also male slaves within the Gorean lifestyle, named Kajirus. The plural form is Kajiri.

Even though you will find references to Kajiras, this is not a correct term.

Kajira Training

The extensive training that a Kajira receives, is what makes them so special. The training is very strict, debasing and extensive. It’s about walking the right way, showing the right attitude towards men, proper form when sitting, and of course training for the perfect execution of sexual acts to please their master.

You can find different types of slave girls on Gor. Some of them don’t even have a sexual relevance. All Gorean women, even those born as free women, receive light training during their upbringing. As a woman you never know if something goes wrong during your life, that results in you becoming the property of one of the many male Gorean warriors.

On Gor men have been in power since the dawn of civilization. There is no such thing as female emancipation on Gor.

Did you already receive (partial) training as a kajira, or do you really want to? If you are willing, I can potentially accept you and train and treat you as Kajira.

Collar and Kef, symbols of ownership

left thigh with a Kef tattoo
A kajira wears a collar engraved with her owner’s name, to show that she is owned. Such a (metal) collar is the most visible sign of ownership.

Aside from their collars, Kajirae get a brand in their flesh. The so-called Kef. The Kef looks most like a letter K. On planet earth, most kajirae acquire a tattoo of the Kef instead of a brand. The most common place to put the Kef is high on the outside of the left thigh.

Types of Kajirae

There are a lot of different types of kajira. A lot of a kajira’s prestige is dependent on their virginity, their origin and the task the have been trained to perform.

The most known forms are:

  • Red Silk Girl: A kajira that has lost her virginity.
  • White Silk Girl: A virgin kajira, which does not occur often on the planet Gor. Most slave girls lose their virginity soon after they become someone’s property.
  • Pleasure Slave Girl: A kajira whose most important task is performing sexual services.
  • Prostitute: Kajirae that perform sexual services to others for their master’s financial gain.
  • Camp Slave Girl: A kajira that belongs to a military camp and is purely there to help with sexual urges from the soldiers.
  • Bath Slave Girl: A kajira working as an erotic masseuse in a bath house.
  • Party Slave Girl: A kajira rented out to parties as a Pleasure Slave Girl.

Common questions asked of a kajira

A kajira is easily recognizable by her standard answers to a number of questions. These questions, in this specific order, and their respective answers, are taught in an thorough and sometimes cruel way to each and every kajira.

  • What are you? “I am a slave girl”, or “Kajira”
  • What is a slave girl? “A girl who is owned”
  • Why do you wear a brand? “To show that I am owned”
  • Why do you wear a collar? “That Men may know who own’s me”
  • What does a slave girl want more then anything? “To please Men”
  • What are you? “I am a slave girl”, or “Kajira”

A kajira’s poses and positions

Kajira are trained to perfectly know and perform a number of different poses. It’s expected that a kajira will immediately execute a pose the moment her master calls out on of them

Below is a list of the most common poses that I will expect you to know, understand and perform.


Kajira flat on her stomach

by Raven Imaging

The kajira lies flat on her stomach, her face flat on the ground, with her wrists and ankles crossed behind her. This is the position position that is used to tie her.


Kajira ready for use

by Raven Imaging

The kajira first kneels in Nadu. Then she bends forwars en places one of her cheeks flat on the floor. Then she places her hands behind her neck and pushes her ass up as high as she can, with her knees still on the ground.


Kajira ready for whipping

by Raven Imaging

The kajira turns her back to her master. She brings her crossed wrists above her head. This way her master can easily tie her to the ceiling, and punish her with a whip.


Kajira ready for her collar

by Raven Imaging

The kajira kneels in Nadu for her master. She brings her arm forward with crossed wrists, towards her master. Her head is turned down.

Then she says “I offer myself to you”. If the master accepts, he will say “I accept the offer”.


Kajira stands ready for inpection with her hands above her head

by Raven Imaging

The Kajira stands with her legs wide. She has her head up and her hands behind her neck, with her elbows pointing to the side.

In this position the kajira can easily be inspected by her master.


Kajira kneeling in Nadu

by Raven Imaging

The most common pose used. The Kajira sits on het knees, with her legs spread. Ze has a straight back, pushes her breasts upward. Her ass rests on her heels. She keeps her head straigh, with her eyes downcast.

In this standard position, she hold her hands on top of her thighs with the palms facing down.


Kajira on her knees in a vulnerable position

by Raven Imaging

In this pose (that has many different names) the kajira is compared to an animal on four legs. The kajira is on her hands and knees, with her feet on the ground.


Kajira on her back on the floor

by Raven Imaging

De kajira lies on her back on the floor. She has her legs out straight and spread out wide. Her arms are flat against her body with the palms of her hands facing upward.

Kajira trianing

Do you want to be trained as a kajira? Becoming a kajira is almost the highest attainable status in discipline as a submissive. Not only do you need to perform all positions perfectly, you will need to excel in behaving, serving to please your master.