What is SM

Sadism and Masochism

What is SM

SM is a part of the bigger world of BDSM. The abbreviation BDSM is a bit misleading and stands for Bondage and Discipline (BD), Dominance and Submission (DS) and Sadisme and Masochisme (SM). Luckily nobody likes the abbreviation of BDDSSM and contracted it to BDSM.

What does SM stand for?

SM is the abbreviation for SadoMasochism. It’s the combination between Sadism and Masochism. The term sadism originates from the name of the writer “Markies de Sade”. He wrote about violent fantasies in combination with sex. The term masochism originates from the writer “Sacher-Masoch”, who wrote about submission, pain and pleasure. Al these things are central in the modern meaning of the term SM.

What does SM mean?

SM is a form of play where two or more people choose to spend time together.

SM is the combination of at least one Sadist and one Masochist who play together. The play often contains erotic or even sexual activities. There is no fixed form. There are so many different elements that intrigue different people. It’s therefore important to understand each other and for the sadist (the dominant party) to read the de masochist (the submissive party) well. Proper preparations and agreement are important for the physical and emotional safety of the submissive party.

Why SM

two hands stuck in handcuffs


Most people touch the world of SM sometime durung their escapades. Many men and women have (hidden) sadistic traits. It’s a powerful feeling to hurt someone, to force them or prevent them from doing something. Similar is the feeling of submitting to your partner. It’s a well known fantasy to be tied down and then sexually pleasured or teased. There’s thousands of ways that partners can play with each other.

In the end SM is something that people play with, because they are having fun with it. It give pleasure. And with the proper partner, it strengthens the bond.

Starting with SM

Within the Netherlands, starting with SM is rather easy. There are different online and physical sex shops that sell a wide array of toys. Things like handcuffs, bondage rope, butt plugs and more. It’s not hard to acquire some tools and start to play with SM in the comfort of your own home with your partner.

But be safe. Every body has its limits, and you don’t want to know how often peopl lose sensation in part of a body as a result of inexpert handling. There have been operations to remove sex toys from bodies. And permanent damage has been done to some.

Another option is to explore SM under the guidance of an experienced dominant.