Looking for SM Master

Seek and thou shalt find!

SM Master wanted?

I see this question more often. It’s not as simple a question as it seems. The area of submission, dominance, SM, BDSM, etc is very broad. If you are interested to explore this hidden side of you, or to experience it, you’re in the right place. With my years of experience as a guide for (beginning, searching and experienced submissive) women, I’ve seen a lot.

What are you looking for in a Dom / Master?

Do you prefer to be rebellious and looking for somebody to discipline you? Or are you rather looking for somebody that can make you feel helpless.

Do you want to search for your pain limits? Do you want to give away control, be forced to delay your orgasms, and serve as a toy?

I’ve seen a whole diverse sample of wishes and needs over time.

Are you already aware where your needs are? Or would you rather explore them in a controlled session?

I can help you answer these questions. You only need to contact me.

Sub looking for master

“Submissive woman looking for dominant master”. It’s not as much taboo as it used to be. Do you want to explore your submissive side? Or are you already aware of it and do you want to experience it in a safe environment, in the presence of an experienced SM Dominant? You are in the right place with me. You probably didn’t land on this page because you were looking for the newest Victoria’s Secret’s fragrance. So if you think: I’m looking for a master, and you want to take the leap, I advise you to contact me for a date.

Slave girl, submissive, sub?

The terms Slave girl, Submissive and Sub are mingled a lot. Different roles that are not necessarily fixed in definition. Do you already have your own opinion on what you are? Do you know what ‘type’ you consider yourself? Do you see yourself as a submissive looking for a dominant man, as a sub looking for a master or maybe as a slave girl looking for a dom?

Personally, I don’t use the terms that much, but look at the needs that you have, the emotions that excite you or that feel pleasant and the parts of BDSM that attract you. In the end it’s about making an experience where you can be yourself and explore.

Dom. dominant, master?

I’m dominance-flexible. In general the terms SM Master, Dominant, or Dom all mean the same. I take charge. That’s a given. Just like a dance where I lead, and you follow. But we’ll discuss beforehand which rules and which limits apply to us. Especially for the first date, it will be about understanding your drivers.

I enjoy a lot of different aspects of BDSM and submission. I extract pleasure from giving you what you are looking for (within reason). To let you experience where your limits really are. To figure out where your needs are and undestanding where I can add most value.

Rape fantasy

Like most women, you might have a fantasy to be raped. An experience SM Master is by far the best choice for a safe and responsible simulated rape. He knows how to apply physical violence, use ropes and read your emotions during such a fantasy.


As a starting or experienced kajira you need an experienced SM dominant who is familiar with training a kajira. Who knows how to correctly teach the poses and who understands that you need discipline to serve well.

Now what?

If you read all this, you probably already know the answer. Are you going to make an appointment or will you read a bit more about the possibilities first?