BDSM in Rotterdam

BDSM in Rotterdam

In Rotterdam as well, a BDSM scene is present. I regularly receive requests to meet in Rotterdam by women who are from the south of The Netherlands, in places like Tilburg and Breda as well.

Almost all of the possibilities I offer can be arranged to be performed within Rotterdam. For instance, there are some very pleasant spaces to meet for a Dinner Date, or a Blindfold Experience.


Rotterdam is a centrally located city. With more than 600.000 inhabitants, Rotterdam is the second city of The Netherlands. Rotterdam has a large harbour and a well known position as a international trade city. As a result there is an extensive selection of hotels and locations available to meet for an SM session.

Spaces for SM

Within Rotterdam there are a number of suitable hotels for SM as they have sound proof rooms. In addition there are a number of dedicated SM spaces available that are appropriate for some of the SM experiences I offer. It’s always possible to discuss what space is most suitable for your wishes.

Meeting in Rotterdam and and surroundings

Even if you live in the area surrounding Rotterdam, such as Dordrecht, Delft and Hoek van Holland, Rotterdam is a suitable place to meet. Let me know if you want to meet in Roterdam.