SM in Amsterdam

SM in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is internationally renowned for her many possibilities on the erotic and SM front. Everybody known about “De Wallen” and will get confronted there with BDSM, but for many that’s not the ideal place. It’s much more attractive to meet with a professional SM Dominant. Because of the many tourists, Amsterdam has a massive amount of small and larger (luxury) hotels. That make Amsterdam suitable for instance for a BDSM session in a hotel or SM space.


Amsterdam is the Dutch capital. With more than 850.000 inhabitants it’s by far the largest city in the Netherlands. The center of Amsterdam is overrun by tourists on a daily basis, and the hub-airport Schiphol is around the corner.

Because of the international attraction to Amsterdam and Schiphol, there’s a large selection of hotels that are available in and around Schiphol and Amsterdam for SM sessions.

SM Spaces

Amsterdam is filled with places that have an erotic purpose. That naturally means there’s also SM spaces available. Because of the touristic attraction to the erotic side of Amsterdam, a lot of those spaces are not suitable for a professional session. I usually use SM spaces in surrounding cities or use hotels, depending on the type of session.

Meeting in Amsterdam and the surroundings

If you have a layover on Schiphol, and are in need of a submissive session, contact me! Of course, if you are on a business trip and stay in or around Amsterdam, Leiden or Haarlem, plan an SM session around Amsterdam or Schiphol.