Who am I?

A short intro

About me?

What’s there to say about me as a dominant and an SM master? I’m a natural Dom. I’m a tall (6"3'), well dressed, highly-educated and successful man in his early fourties. Client often compare me with Mr Grey. I have more than 15 year’s of experience in the role of a dominant. Depending on the situation, you will probably address me as “sir”, or “master”.

I take on different roles, depending on your wishes, limits and the situation at hand:

  • a patient and considerata teacher, who takes his time to help you learn new things and explore your limits
  • a disciplining Master, who sets rules and boundaries and expects to be served
  • a manipulative sadist, who makes you feel worthless and nothing more than a play thing
  • a kinky creative, who creates role playing scenarios, uses your body as art and fullfils your fantasies
  • a primal, who admires your mind and body for what it was made for, and uses you
  • a bondage player, who uses ropes and your body to find the perfect balans between surrender and play

There’s a lot of possibilities. But of course there are limits as well. Most importantly, you should find and get what you are looking for.

The texts on this site have been written to draw in a wider audience. Don’t let my pleasant and distinguished use of words give you the impression that I will be soft during our meeting.


BSDM and SM are still (partially) taboo in our society. Although there are more and more options available to express yourself in this area, it’s still not something people talk about at work or post on their Facebook or Instagram profile. That makes it really hard to start and enjoy your journey. Still there are fantasies, desires, wishes and questions that roam around in your head. You have the option to act on them now. You can date in the hope of encountering someone that already has experience in BDSM. You can try and convince your current partner to take on a dominant role. Or you can have an experienced SM Master guide you on your journey. In the past years dozens of women have walked the path before you and chose to let me lead them.

I get satisfaction from being the tour guide on your BDSM trip. I enjoy your pleasure and seeing you learn more about yourself. Seeing that you can experience and act on your submissive side. That you (finally) have the possibility to let yourself loose in a way that you might not publicly talk about, but is definitely a part of you.

I enjoy helping you find your limits. I love teaching you, binding you, giving orders, role playing, inflicting pain, and much more.


For short sessions, it’s often best to play in one of the special SM spaces around. There are a number of them in the Netherlands. Some are more flexible and easier to book on a short notice than others.

As you are probably traveling here from abroad, it’s also possible to meet in your hotel room. That’s of course dependent on your specific wishes.

Depending on distance and special requests, I might request a compensation.

We can meet anywhere in Belgium and The Netherlands. Often I meet in:

Did your internal fire heat up after reading this site, let me know your wishes and check availability.

See you soon!