Rape fantasy

Forced to experience your fantasy

The Rape Fantasy

“You are expecting a delivery. You just step out of the shower when somebody rings the bell. You quickly put on a towel and still dripping wet, you walk to the door and open it. That’s not the delivery guy. There’s a well-dressed gentleman outside. He sees your wet hair and the towel clinging to your still wet body. You see the lust entering his eyes. Before you even have the chance to say anything, he steps into your house and grabs your neck. He shuts the front door, and rips the towel away. You try to yell, but he quickly snaps his hand accross your mouth. He’s definitely much stronger than you are. He actually carries you through your own home to your bedroom. He throws you down on your bed, belly-first, and you hear him unbuckling his belt. Even before you turned around, you feel him climbing on the bed behind you. You fight him, you cry, and you are used nonetheless.”

Did you ever have such a fantasy about being raped? About forced sex? There are so many different ones. The main story is always the same. You, a independent woman, are raped by someone, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

You are not alone

In the past 30 years multiple studies on rape fantasies have been performed. And the results? Anywhere between 31% and 57% of all women has once had a fantasy about being raped. A stunning 9% to 17% of all women say it’s their most favorite fantasy. Let’s be clear that it’s about the fantasy, where it’s a safe experience. It’s an explicit choice, where maybe the exact timing isn’t known in advance, but the control is given freely. That makes it an experience and not a crime.

I’ve had the liberty to perform dozens of rape fantasies in the past years. Each time has been different and a unique experience for both parties. I want to help you experience yours as well.

Forced sex

Even though it’s sich a widely present fantasy, it’s still kind of a taboo. I’m of the opinion that having fantasies is healthy. Even if they are as violent as a rape fantasy. As long as they are performed in a safe and responsible fashion, there’s nothing wrong with them. niks mis mee.

Examples of Rape Fantasy

There’s a lot of different Rape Fantasies I’ve performed. A small set to jolt your mind:

  • Drunk on a business trip. After a pleasant business dinner, you had a little too much to drink. Your boss, who has always had a thing for you, offers to guide you to your hotel room. He asks to have a final night cap in your room. You say no, but he doesn’t take no for an answer. He pushes you inside and against the wall. He rips off your dress, and you feel one hand on your left breast and feel the other roughly slide down into your string. There, against the wall, your boss is taking you as his toy.
  • Babysitter or Nanny. You’ve been babysitting for a divorced dad for a while now. At the end of a long summer night, he comes home drunk. The little ones are already in bed and you are sitting on the couch in your shorts and tank top. He sits down next to you and puts his hand on your bare leg. He starts telling you that you’ve become a real woman since you turned 18. He then leans over and kisses you on the lips. You try to push him away, but he wants you. He has fantasized about you for years.
  • Doorbell. You hear the doorbell and walk to the front door. You open the door, and before you even had a good look, you are pushed against your wall and he is behind you. You try to yell, but he slaps you in the face hard, and puts something in your mouth. You hear him slam the door and you are being pulled by your hairs into your bedroom. He quickly and expertly ties you to your bed. You are defenseless and he takes a long time to enjoy his prize.
  • Shower. On a warm summer day you decide to take a quick shower to cool down. You leave the shower and wrap yourself in your nice big towel. You walk to the kitchen to get a glass of water. There’s something off. You feel someone’s there. Did you close all the windows before you went to take your shower? You look around you but there’s nothing to see. Before you reach the kitchen you feel an arm wrap itself around your body and push you to the ground. Your towel is ripped away and now you’re naked on the floor. You try to get up and run, but there’s nowhere left to go.
  • Massage. You are a masseuse and you are performing a relaxing massage on a client. He visibly enjoys your attention. You’re having a conversation and he suddenly asks if you can give him a “happy end”. You tell him you have a boyfriend and you can’t. He keeps pushing for it and even offers you money. You tell him his massage ended. He doesn’t accept that. He grabs your hair, slaps you in the face and pushes you down. He wants more and won’t take no for an answer.

This is just a small sample of the possibilities. Of course I’m open to discuss any scenario that you have yourself. If you let me know what you really want, we can explore the possibilities.

Caution and safety

Rape is a crime. Performing a rape fantasy with two (or more) voluntary participants, is fully legal. But the ourside world cannot see or hear the difference. It’s therefore important that a rape fantasy is performed in a controlled environment and setting.

A rape play often starts without an introduction. So it must be abundantly clear to me that you are you. Before we perform a rape play, there will be a verification that you (who requested the rape play) are actually the same person as is undergoing the rape play.

Experiencing a rape (even in fantasy form) is not something to think lightly of. Safety is important. One of the most important preparations are a clear safeword and safesign.

Fulfilling your fantasy?

Your rape fantasy doesn’t have to stay a pure fantasy. But if you choose to experience it, do so in a safe manner. You are very vulnerable during a rape play.

Do you want to safely experience your fantasy? I’m a strong, good-looking man in his thirties with lots of expierence in performing rape fantasies.

I want to help you experience yours. Interested? Contact me and explore your options!